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Door County Kayak & E- Bike Tours & Rentals

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Door County E-Bike Tours & Rentals offers you the opportunity to adventure around some of Door County’s coolest areas on a fat tire e-bike. Grab your biker gang or partner and join us as we explore these famous locations: Peninsula State Park, Sister Bay, Cave Point County Park, and Deaths’ Door winding road.

Where did Door County get its name from?

Throughout the bustling tourist season, one curiosity frequently arises: “What’s the story behind Door County’s name?” The roots of the name stir a mix of legend and historical debate, with many tales converging on the ominous-sounding Death’s Door—the treacherous strait that lies between the Door Peninsula’s tip and Washington Island. The strait’s notoriety is steeped…

Is June a good time to visit Door County?

June is indeed a wonderful time to visit Door County. With the arrival of summer, June brings pleasant weather, vibrant foliage, and a variety of activities that showcase the best of the peninsula. In June, you can expect mild to warm temperatures in Door County, making it an ideal time to explore the outdoor beauty…

What is the most scenic ride in Door County?

One of the most scenic drives in Door County is the picturesque route along State Highway 42, also known as the Door County Coastal Byway. This breathtaking drive stretches along the eastern coast of the peninsula, offering captivating views of Lake Michigan and the charming surrounding landscapes. As you embark on this scenic journey, you’ll…